1.      TITLE


The name of the Club shall be the Ulster Military Vehicle Club (UMVC)




The objectives of the UMVC shall be: ­To encourage the restoration, preservation and display of Military Vehicles.




The UMVC is affiliated to the Invicta Military Vehicle Preservation Society (IMPS). Other affiliations may be entered into at the discretion of the committee.




a.       Any person may apply to become a member of the UMVC. Only paid up members who are over 18, may vote at an AGM or Special Meeting. A member may vote by proxy if he/she is unable to attend the meeting.


b.       Members are eligible to:


1.         Stand as a candidate for, and


2.         Vote for candidates in the election for the committee.


c.       The UMVC shall be non-political, non-sectarian and non-commercial.


d.       Members shall not claim to represent the UMVC in any form without the approval of the Committee.


e.       Membership may be temporarily rescinded by the Committee if it believes that a member may have brought the UMVC into disrepute.


f.       Membership may be completely rescinded by a Extraordinary Meeting of the committee held in accordance with Paras 9 and 10 of this constitution.


          g.       Membership shall fall due on the 1st January each year.

5.      FINANCE


a.       An Annual Membership Fee shall be collected from each member.


b.      The Annual Membership Fee shall be set at the Annual General Meeting.


c.      A person in arrears of sixty (60) days or more is considered to be a non Member.


d.       The Treasurer shall receive all monies on behalf of the UMVC and shall lodge it in a Bank Account in the name of the UMVC within one calendar month.


e.       All accounts for payment shall be approved by the Committee and Cheques/Bank

Drafts will be signed by the treasurer.


f.       The Treasurer shall keep account of all financial transactions which shall be approved by the Chairperson and presented at the Annual General Meeting.


g.       An Auditor shall be appointed if requested by the general body at The Annual General Meeting.


h.       The accounts of the UMVC shall be closed for Audit purposes on the last day of the month preceding the AGM each year.




a.       The members present at the Annual General Meeting shall elect a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson General Secretary, Treasurer and up to six other members. Only those members giving their consent shall be accepted as candidates.


b.       Half of the elected committee members shall constitute a quorum for the purposes of any meetings of the committee, this will include the chairperson and or the vice chairperson.


c.      The committee shall meet as often as necessary but at least once every four months.


d.       The Chairperson shall:


(1)       Call all meetings of the UMVC.

(2)        Preside where possible over all meetings of the UMVC.


e.       The Vice Chairperson shall:


(1)       Preside over meetings of the UMVC in the absence of the Chairperson.


f.                   Publicity/PR/Info Officer


(1)        Produce a Newsletter / Magazine for the UMVC.

(2)        Act as Publicity Officer in promoting the activity’s of the UMVC.



g.       A General Meeting shall be called when necessary but at least once a year.


h.       The General Secretary shall:


(1)        Be the official trustee of UMVC documentation and the main contact for the receipt and issue of official correspondence.

(2)        Keep minutes of all Committee and General Meetings and record of attendance.

(3)        Deal with all correspondence.

(4)        Arrange all meetings of the UMVC as directed by the committee or as in c and f above.

(5)        Maintain an up to date list of members, their contact details and their Vehicles and circulate annually


i.        The Treasurer shall:


(1)        Be responsible for UMVC financial dealings.

(2)        Keep an account of financial dealings of the Club.

(3)        Present the Financial Statement at the Annual General Meeting.


j.        If a committee member resigns, the vacancy shall be filled by co­option of a candidate by the committee. If a committee member misses more than two consecutive committee meetings without due cause they shall be deemed to have resigned.


k.      Members of Sub Committees do not have voting rights at Committee Meetings.


l.        In the case of equality of vote on an issue at any Committee Meeting the Chairperson shall have the casting vote.


m.     An officer shall not hold the same office for longer than three (3) consecutive years.


n.      The newly elected Chairperson shall assume office at the Annual General Meeting.




a.      The general management of the affairs of the UMVC shall be vested in the committee who shall perform all
         such acts as may be deemed necessary or expedient to further the objectives of the UMVC


b.      In the management of the Club, the Chairperson, Secretary, Committee and members shall comply strictly with
        the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998 and will never release details of any member to any other organization
        without the approval of that member.   Amdt 1/05




The Annual General Meeting shall normally be held in the month of January each year for the following purposes:


a.       To hear the Chairpersons report on the years progress.


b.       To confirm minutes of the previous meeting.


c.       To receive the Treasurers report.


d.       To elect a committee for the coming year.


e.       Deal with other business/motions.


Notice of the Annual General Meeting shall be circulated to every paid up member at least 30 days before the date of the meeting. All paid up members of the UMVC may submit motions for discussion at the AGM. Such motions must be received by the General Secretary not later than one week prior to the meeting.




An Extraordinary General Meeting of the UMVC may be called by the Committee or by requisition signed by not less than 51% of the paid up members of the UMVC, delivered to the General Secretary, who in turn must call such a meeting within three (3) weeks from the date of receipt of such requisition. Only the business stated in the requisition may be debated at the Extraordinary General Meeting and details of the said business should be included in the notice of meeting sent to all members.





a.       A Quorum for an Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be 50% of all paid up Members. If a Quorum is not reached the meeting shall be re-convened and all members informed of the new date and venue. Those present at a re-convened meeting shall constitute a Quorum.


b.       At all General and Extraordinary Meetings, each paid up member will have a maximum of one vote only.


c.       Voting at all General Meetings shall be by a show of hands/voting cards except when a ballot is demanded, and such demand is supported by a simple majority.


d.       A member may vote by proxy in accordance with Para’s 4 a, 8 and 9. In this case the proxy vote must be posted to and received by the UMVC General Secretary 1 week prior to the meeting.




The UMVC may be dissolved only by the vote of not less than 50% present at a Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. An Audited Financial Report shall be presented at such meeting.





All Officers/Committee Members of the UMVC may be indemnified by the UMVC for any receipted  expenses incurred in executing their duties on behalf of, and on the direction of the committee of the UMVC.




All members agree to comply with the CODE OF CONDUCTin relation to organising or attending an event.




Membership of the UMVC shall imply the acceptance of this constitution in entirety, and any additions and or alterations, which may be agreed to at General Meetings.




The committee for the time being shall have full power to decide any questions for which no provision is made for in this constitution, and shall be responsible for proposing the appropriate amendment at the next Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose.




This constitution shall not be amended, added to, or otherwise altered in any way, save with the consent of at least 51% of the members present and qualified to vote at the Annual General Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose in accordance with this constitution.


A motion to amend the constitution of the UMVC, must be submitted to the General Secretary at least two full weeks before an AGM or Extraordinary General Meeting of the UMVC and the members must be informed of the said motion at least one week prior to any meeting.


This Constitution was passed at a Extraordinary/General Meeting on ______ 2004.